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His Sinful Secret by Emma Wildes

His Sinful Secret (Notorious Bachelors, #3)His Sinful Secret by Emma Wildes

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Fans of the Notorious Bachelors series will fall in love with the familiar yet enigmatic Michael Hepburn, whom we met in the previous books. Michael marries Julianne Sutton, the woman his late brother was supposed to have married. Their families arranged the marriage years ago, and Michael is willing to fulfill his familial duty despite the fact that he barely knows the girl. His brother was in love with her and he's feeling guilty and worries that she's being shortchanged because as a spy for the Crown he's completely different than his carefree, lighthearted brother was.

Michael was a prisoner of war, and it changed him. And to complicate matters even more, he has a painful new knife wound he needs to either hide or explain on his wedding night. Michael has a lot of secrets (not to mention enemies) so he shuts himself off from her the morning after their wedding night, and she's left feeling hurt and confused.

By contrast, Michael is drawn to Julianne’s uncomplicated innocence. She’s like a ray of sunshine in his otherwise dark and dreary life. It’s an absolute delight to see her break through his seemingly cold and untouchable exterior. But Julianne is not without her own secrets, and they’re secrets that will put her in harm’s way.

His Sinful Secret also has a secondary romance. Antonia was a Spanish noble Michael met during the war. She loves Michael and Lawrence loves her, so there’s a love triangle going on. I never warmed up to Antonia, but I was, however, pleased to see that the author didn’t use some of the trite “jealous ex-lover” nonsense that I’ve read in other books.

Once again I’m very impressed with this third installment in this passionate series from Emma Wildes. It was so gratifying to see Michael's gradual change as he falls in love with his wife and vice versa. You don’t necessarily have to read the books in this series in order, but I’d recommend it anyway because you won’t want to miss a single page.

1/3 peppers heat rating, for explicit m/f sex

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