Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure #6)Simply Forbidden by Kate Pearce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is absolutely the best erotic historical romance series out there. I love, love, love Kate Pearce.


Lisette Delornay-Ross is not your typical nineteenth century young lady; her mother owns an infamous house of pleasure, and she and her brother were raised abroad. She’s known for her flirtatious ways and she isn’t the innocent miss one might expect. The man who isn’t immediately taken with her charms intrigues her.

Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield is a guest at her father's house party, but he isn’t really there to socialize; he’s there to buy horses. He was a prisoner of war and he’s very reserved. But he’s drawn to Lisette's ability to be comfortable in social settings while also being very sensual and forthright. He feels equal parts frustration and attraction. Gabriel won't let himself fuck anyone; he doesn't believe in sex outside of marriage. What he doesn’t initially know is that Lisette is exactly what he needs. She isn’t afraid of his raw sexuality and unconventional desires. She doesn't judge and loves him just as he is, emotionally damaged and all. Gabriel was accused of giving away military secrets and now society shuns him instead of giving him the hero’s welcome he deserves. And now the military issues are being brought up again, primarily by the members of his family who are unhappy that he inherited the title. But with Lisette at his side lending him her strength, Gabriel can overcome most anything.

Simply Forbidden is simply outstanding! Honestly, I wait on the edge of my seat for the next book in this series to come out. One of the things I like best about this series is there’s usually an open communication between the main characters. If they’re upset about something, they talk about it instead of stewing and fretting about it. That honesty is very refreshing. I’ve been looking forward to Lisette's story since we met her in a previous book. She's a flirt but she's very kind and non judgmental. The chemistry between Lisette and Gabriel is delicious, and Kate Pearce has a notable talent for writing smoldering sensuality. When I read her books I feel like I've crawled inside the brain of a creative genius and there's no place I'd rather be. If you like erotic historical romance, the House of Pleasure series is the best of the best.

5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (M/M, M/M/F, M/F - sex toys, anal sex, voyeurism), Recommended Read

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Wait, the main couple can actually talk to each other - amazing! I wish that happened in more books.

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