Monday, June 27, 2011

Any Wicked ThingAny Wicked Thing by Margaret Rowe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews. 3 kisses, 2 peppers (m/f, anal sex, bondage)

Sebastian Goddard is a typical neglected child of aristocracy. Frederica Wells is the daughter of his father’s secretary. While high on opium, he unknowingly compromises her. Of course, they’re caught in the act and his father says she’s not suitable to be the wife of a future duke. She says she didn’t intend to trap him, and won’t take money from his father. She just wanted to make him see her differently but he feels betrayed and leaves the next morning without giving her a chance to apologize.

Sebastian spends the next ten years in utter debauchery, and comes home after his father dies. Frederica offers herself to him for a month to use as he wishes in exchange for letting her buy his father’s castle. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into. In Sebastian’s time abroad his experiences were not always pleasant. In fact, some of his time was excruciatingly miserable, and it has left him a very changed man, with some unusual sexual appetites.

What I liked about Any Wicked Thing: It has an abundance of sexual tension, and the sex was smoking hot. That’s always a plus. I was anxious to see them finally reconcile, and that will keep readers turning the pages, not wanting to put the book down. I enjoyed seeing them finally thaw toward each other, and the ending redeemed both characters.

What I didn’t like about the book: I was amazed at how easy it was for Sebastian to completely disregard his childhood friendship with Freddie and walk away without giving her a chance to explain or apologize. It bothered me that they still didn’t like each other when I was half way through the book. I think that was why I found it hard to like either of them, and as a result I didn’t really care if they eventually worked out their differences. The overt tension and animosity between them made the book less than enjoyable to read. I just don’t like that much negativity and constant bickering, and for me sex is empty when there’s no affection. Freddie seems to have no problem spreading her legs for him at the drop of a hat, and then bitching at him as soon as they both get their rocks off. Then they seem to suddenly fall in love at the end. The love was believable, but for me it was a little too late.

I loved Margaret Rowe’s previous book, Tempting Eden, so I will definitely continue to read her books. I’m just not sure I would have finished reading this one if I wasn’t reviewing it.

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