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Dangerous in Diamonds (The Rarest Blooms, #4)Dangerous in Diamonds by Madeline Hunter
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4 1/2 kisses, i pepper (m/f)

Dangerous In Diamonds is the final book in the quartet and my favorite so far. I still need to go back and read the first two books in the series. The Duke of Castleford is wealthy and debauched. Daphne owns the Rarest Blooms, growing and selling fresh flowers to people in London. Castleford inherits property upon the death of the Duke of Becksbridge, which includes the property where Daphne lives and runs her business. Becksbridge was a pompous bore, and neither Castleford nor Daphne liked him.

Latham, the new Duke of Becksbridge, also has a very bad history with her and with Castleford. Castleford is not used to women being able to resist him as Daphne does, but she’s not completely immune to his charms either. He is sly and maneuvers a way to keep her in London and close to his home. Daphne is flattered to be so ardently pursued, but she would never admit it. She gives him reasons for why she’s avoiding him but not the full truth. I should note that she isn’t bitchy about it, which I really like. He proposes and she says no. It takes him a while and some pointers from his friends to realize she won’t want him unless he reforms and stops getting drunk and whoring.

I was looking forward to this book since I finished the third book in the quartet, and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved Castleford and Daphne. He’s arrogant and a little clueless at first but he’s caring and not cruel or truly indifferent. She’s intelligent and likeable. The revelations about her past aren’t surprising but they’re handled well. He says several times she’s no fool and he’s right, and it makes her very real and fun to read. Madeline Hunter’s Dangerous In Diamonds will appeal to anyone who likes a fast-paced, engrossing historical with deep emotions and true friendships. This is one for your must-read list.

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