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One Magic MomentOne Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland
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3 1/2 kisses, zero peppers (sweet romance)

Tess Alexander, who is Pippa’s sister from One Enchanted Evening, is a historian, specializing in the medieval period. John de Piaget recently bought the auto repair shop in the small town near where Tess lives. He has some very important secrets, so he has always kept people at arm’s length. If someone starts asking too many questions about him or his past, he immediately ditches them and cuts off all communication. In Tess’s case, he’s uncomfortable with how much she knows about the medieval period, but he’s also attracted to her so he treats her rudely in the hopes that she’ll leave him alone. Although they dislike each other right from the start (making me worry that I was going to be enduring yet another book filled with endlessly annoying bickering between the hero and heroine) they eventually start to thaw toward each other. Danger has a way of bringing people closer together… and it seems time travel does, too.

What I liked most about One Magic Moment: seeing Tess and John eventually warm up to each other. Lynn Kurland has a writing style I can’t help but love. This is a sweet read, so I can share it with my mother and know it won't embarrass her to read it. I always enjoy revisiting characters from previous books in the series, and this book has lots of that. I especially like the way time travel is handled in this series, and the fact that characters are usually able to pass from one time to another with relative ease. I also liked that big chunks of the story were split between the past and the present, instead of just one character traveling to the past. What I didn't like so much: I know I said this was a positive point (and it really is for many readers) but it's a sweet read, so there are no bedroom scenes at all; nothing beyond a few kisses, and even that didn’t happen until very near the end of the book. I already knew to expect this from Ms. Kurland, but my own personal taste is for a lot more heat. A lot more time was devoted to their bickering and not enough to their loving.  Also, I was frustrated that Tess didn’t tell him what she knew about her sister and his brother once she realized what his big secret was. I really think it would have made everything so much easier for him, but I suppose it would have changed the story too much. Finally, the bickering! I find it hard to cheer for a relationship when the characters are treating each other so stupidly.

Fans of this series will probably really like this installment; others who aren’t familiar with the series might have problems keeping all the names and characters straight. It can be read as a standalone book, but I’d recommend reading at least some of the previous books in the series first.

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