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Pleasure MePleasure Me by Monica Burns

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4/5 kisses

2 peppers (light bondage, oral sex)

Lady Ruth Attwood was dumped for a younger mistress. At forty-one, she fears she's washed up. As a courtesan, youth is critical for finding a new protector. Baron Garrick Stratfield has a physical issue that shames him and has brought him humiliation in the past. He can’t allow himself to become intimate with a woman, so he never plans to marry. He had a pseudo mistress for the sake of appearances, but she’s getting married and he needs to do something to avoid any nasty rumors about his sexual preferences. He considers approaching Ruth with a proposition, but he’s so attracted to her that he knows it would never work. He can’t allow himself to surrender to his desire for her, because it would expose his defect. He's afraid his physical anomaly will repulse her and he'll be humiliated. After they give in to the temptation of a physical relationship, she's afraid he'll leave her once he gains some confidence in the bedroom skills she's teaching him, or because of her age he'll get tired of her. They both assume they're going to be dumped so they try not to let themselves get too invested in the relationship.

What I didn’t like about Pleasure Me by Monica Burns: The main characters’ lack of trust in each other and their inability to see their own worth is appalling and frustrating. Ruth is more concerned with her own vanity and fear of humiliation and abandonment and what others think than she is for Garrick’s feelings. She would rather hurt him than let him know she loves him. It didn’t make me like her. I get very frustrated with characters who persist in pushing away happiness.

What I liked about the book: This is truly an excellent story, and one I’d recommend to friends. Ruth and Garrick have excellent chemistry, and their emotions are believable. It’s brimming with passion and compassion. Plus there’s some very hot sex, which for me is always a big plus. And a virgin hero, no less! Yum. Really, even the things that bothered me about the characters’ actions really do make for a good, passionate story, even if I did want to thump them both for being idiots. This was one of the best “cougar” stories I’ve ever read.

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