Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raw DesireRaw Desire by Kate Pearce
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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4 kisses, 2 peppers (threesome, dominance & submission, double penetration, anal sex, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M)

Ally Kendal and Rob Ward share a bad history. She cheated on him years ago with his best friend, Jackson Smith, and then she left town. Now she's back to fix up and sell her deceased mother’s house. Jackson's girlfriend at the time, Susan, found them in bed together and supposedly committed suicide. Now sheriff of the small town, Rob doesn’t believe she killed herself; he thinks it was murder, and he wonders if maybe Ally’s mother was involved somehow. She was dealing drugs and hanging out with a lot of unsavory characters at the time. He feels a need to investigate, but he doesn’t want Ally to know.

I have to admit, neither Ally nor Rob was very likeable at first. He’s dominant and he’s sure his sexual intensity and demands were what scared her away and into Jackson’s arms all those years ago. They were really all too young to know what they wanted, and despite the passing of years, they still question their own sexual desires and preferences.

In my opinion, Jackson is by far the nicest person in the whole story. He’s patient, caring, and he almost acts as a buffer between Rob and Ally.

Because Kate Pearce is a master of erotic romance (and one of my favorite authors of all time), the sex scenes with Rob and Ally are lava hot, and the intimacy between Rob and Jackson will likely melt your panties. 'Raw Desire' is packed with very complex emotions, and it’s a definite page-turner. I felt compelled to keep reading way past my bedtime just to see what would happen next. It’s angsty and edgy. It’s intensely sexual, even when the characters aren’t very happy with each other.

Rob, Ally, and Jackson are trying to reconcile a lot of past hurts and at first they don’t really know what they want from each other. When they start to realize what they do want, what they can barely admit to themselves, they can’t admit to each other until the time is right. I thought it was very interesting to see the relationship rebuilding between dominant Rob, independent, spirited Ally, and borderline dominant but more grounded Jackson. In many instances, misunderstandings and anger replace honest communication, but I think that keeps the book honest and true to how these characters would act and react. Readers who enjoy dramatic and edgy erotic contemporary romance with lots of angst and some suspense should really enjoy this book.

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