Monday, October 10, 2011

Desire's Edge Desire's Edge by Eve Berlin

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5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (M/F BDSM, oral sex, anal play, public sex)

Dante and Kara knew each other back in high school, and they both had secret crushes on each other. Now they've bumped into each other at a party and they feel an instant and almost overwhelming attraction to each other. Dante is a sexual dominant, and Kara has always secretly craved submission. Her last boyfriend told her she was a freak for wanting those things, but for Dante she's the perfect woman. But when Monday morning comes, she discovers he’s the new junior partner at the law firm where she works. She knows it’s a bad idea to continue their affair, but how can she give him up?

Part of the allure of a dominant hero is the delicious intensity he lavishes on the heroine, and Dante is outstanding. I half expected the pages to go up in flames, that’s how scorching hot the book was. I really love that Dante and Kara are honest with each other (well, most of the time) and eventually talk about their blossoming emotions, instead of just letting their fears lead them and pushing each other away. It’s realistic and pleasurable to read without being too frustrating or full of angst. They have excellent chemistry and a tenderness and respect for each other that I crave as a romance reader. If you’ve ever had even the slightest interest in BDSM, Dante and Kara will make you feel deliciously gooey inside.

Interestingly, I expected a lot more work-related conflict from this book, but I wasn’t disappointed that it wasn’t there. Desire’s Edge focused on the relationship building and Dante and Kara overcoming their fear of intimacy (plus a whole lot of delicious hot monkey sex). Eve Berlin is one of my new favorite authors for mega-steamy romance, and I can hardly wait for her next release.

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