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Ecstasy Wears Emeralds (Jaded Gentleman, #3)Ecstasy Wears Emeralds by Renee Bernard

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4 Kisses, 1 Pepper (oral sex, explicit sex)

Gayle Renshaw corresponded with Dr. Rowan West about an apprenticeship because she wished to become a physician. But she gave the false impression that she was a man, and when she shows up at his home one evening unannounced, it befuddles him. He’s had a long, hard day and this is the last thing he expected to have to deal with. When he tries to refuse to help her, she blackmails him with information from his past. He tries to persuade her to change her mind, but she’s stubborn and he finally agrees, thinking she’ll give up when faced with the hard realities of the profession. In fact, he pushes her extra hard to prompt her to give up. But she’s tenacious and he realizes he enjoys working with her, and even more surprising, he likes her.

Ecstasy Wears Emeralds by Renee Bernard was a good read. I’ll admit it isn’t my favorite in the series because the romance wasn’t quite as engaging as the others (which I loved), but it’s still very interesting because of Gayle’s unorthodox interest in medicine, and the obstacles she faces. It’s always a pleasure to read about a strong and independent heroine, especially when she remains friendly and kind. She ends up being much more likeable than I expected her to be. But I didn’t really feel much chemistry between her and Rowan, which was a little disappointing. This is part of a series, but it can probably be read as a standalone as long as you understand the basic background of the series. The ‘Jaded Gentlemen’ are a group of men who escaped imprisonment in India, and managed to grab some jewels on their way out. Now someone is trying to find the treasure, and will stop at nothing to get them, including hurting loved ones of the ‘Jaded.’

It’s always nice to revisit characters from past books, and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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