Monday, October 17, 2011

A Midnight DanceA Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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3 1/2 Kisses, 2 Peppers (light bondage, explicit sex)

Sabine and Isabelle are twins. In the prologue, Sabine has a big crush on Jules de Moutier. He’s nineteen, from a noble family, and gets a lot of attention from the ladies; she’s fifteen, the daughter of a prestigious theater owner. Eight years later, a lot has changed for both of their families. She blames his family for what happened to hers, as well as what happened to her twin sister. Now she and her two young cousins are out thieving and happen to run into Jules's camp. They plan to give them drugged wine and rob them, but their plan backfires and Sabine (in the guise of Elise) ends up giving Jules her virginity. Despite his kindness, she means to trick him. The survival of her family depends on her getting the silver he has. Given her circumstances it’s understandable, but it doesn’t get their relationship off to a very good start because it’s filled with lies and deceit. Jules’s life hasn’t been a bed of roses, either. His father was accused of treason and executed. He wants to have his family’s name restored. Meanwhile, he’ll amuse himself with the luscious Sabine/Elise.

Part of the way through A Midnight Dance, I was wishing I didn’t have to finish it. Partly it was because it seemed like the pace slowed down and lost my interest, but mostly it was because it’s very hard for me to enjoy a romance when it’s based on deceit and not genuine affection. I had trouble even enjoying the admittedly steamy sex scenes when I didn’t feel any sort of real emotional connection between them. His penis is telling him he's really enjoying her company, but that’s all it is – sexual. Things pick up about halfway through and fortunately I ended up feeling glad I had kept reading. You see more of Sabine’s regret for her dishonesty, and her desire to help Jules. So even though they continue to bicker, you start to see a real affection forming, and that helps make the steamy sex feel more meaningful. I want to mention that I think it’s a monumental stretch to find any connection to the traditional Cinderella story, but I suppose it’s there if you really use your imagination.

Despite the fact that I had a hard time getting through this book, a lot of other readers absolutely love it along with the other books in this sexy series by Lila DiPasqua, so I encourage readers to give it a chance and decide for themselves.

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