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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures, #1)The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley

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2 peppers (oral sex, sex in public)

Beth Ackerley is a widow who is engaged to Sir Lyndon Mather, a handsome man who's marrying her mostly for her money. She doesn’t find him particularly exciting, but she’s had enough drama in her life already and is looking for comfort. When her fiancĂ© introduces her to Ian she knows life with him would not be calm, but full of drama. Lord Ian warns her about Mather's character and convinces her to break her betrothal. As Beth and Ian grow closer, he tells her he's incapable of love, and wants her to explain love so he can understand it. He understands desire but not love. Fortunately, she’s exactly the right person to teach him the true meaning of the word.

Ian is an unusual man. As I am the mother of an autistic child, it quickly became apparent to me that his character falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. Of course that wasn’t a term or concept that was known or understood at the time this story was set, so Ian was persecuted by people who don’t understand him, punished as a child for being difficult, locked away in an asylum for a large part of his life and, thankfully, fiercely protected by his brothers.

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie was absolutely breathtaking. Jennifer Ashley did a phenomenal job of writing a realistic portrayal of an autistic man without being overdone or satirical. His mannerisms and characteristics are so realistic they brought tears to my eyes more than once. I felt a real connection between Ian and Beth, and suspense that kept me deeply engrossed in the plot. I can’t say enough good things about this outstanding book. As a mother, I was left feeling optimistic that my son might someday find someone as genuinely loving and caring as Beth. And as a reader who appreciates honest characters, Lord Ian provided the ultimate honesty from a hero who can't lie. That's perfection. Please, don’t miss this book!

Recommended Read.

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