Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Highland Pleasures, #3)The Many Sins of Lord Cameron by Jennifer Ashley

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5 Kisses, 2 peppers (explicit sex, violence)

Ainsley Douglas has been caught in Cameron Mackenzie's bedroom for the second time. This time she’s been tasked with searching for letters meant to blackmail the queen. But she has caught his attention once again, and this time he’s less likely to let her go.

Cam was accused of killing his late wife, but was exonerated by his brother Hart's testimony. He tries to fill the emptiness of his life with meaningless trysts with married women and widows who understand it’s purely physical. He’s also raising a son and realizing that’s harder work than he expected it to be. Ainsley is not Cam's usual type of woman. She makes him feel alive and that draws him to her. He was deeply hurt by his late wife. When they married she wanted to continue to carry on with lovers as if they weren’t married. She did not want to be a mother and Cam had to protect young Daniel from her rages. Ainsley is like a balm to Cam’s soul; she’s exactly what he needs to start healing after all the damage his wife did.

I adore Cam and Ainsley! The love that blossoms and grows between them is stunningly beautiful and very real. I cried for all the horrible pain Cam suffered at the hands of his late wife, and his relationship with Ainsley was just what I needed as a reader. These Mackenzie brothers are absolutely delicious and so likeable! I’m glad to add Jennifer Ashley to my list of favorite historical romance authors. The Many Sins of Lord Cameron and this whole series are definite must reads.

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