Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Redeeming the RogueRedeeming the Rogue by Donna MacMeans

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4 1/2 Kisses, 1/2 pepper

When Arianne finds out the late Duke of Bedford was not really her father, it explains his moodiness and anger toward her and her brothers. But she realizes this revelation will probably have some very negative repercussions on her life, and she’s right. She lost her virginity in Vienna to a man she thought intended to marry her, but when the blackguard found out the old Duke wasn’t her father, he dumped her for someone else.

Michael Rafferty intercepts a ruffian with a message for a lady in a green dress, and Rafferty ends up insulting Arianne. He’s being sent by the Home Office to America in the guise of a diplomat to investigate a murder, but he needs a hostess to make him appear legitimate so they hire an actress to play his wife. Having lived her whole life in diplomatic circles, Arianne goes along to give social and etiquette instructions that will make them seem like believable diplomats. But when the actress proves not only unreliable but also traitorous, Arianne decides to take her place as his wife, despite the negative impact such a decision will have on her reputation.

Arianne and Rafferty smolder! The sexual tension is thick and I really like them together. Despite their seeming social differences, they’re a lot more alike than it appears. Donna MacMeans is a skilled author who weaves a tight and engrossing tale of tenderness and intrigue. I liked that a good part of the book took place on the ship or in the United States; it’s a little different than what I normally read and it was a pleasant change of pace. I’ve really enjoyed all the books in this series. Redeeming the Rogue has some very interesting historical details and historical romance fans will love it.

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