Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside (Alaskan Nights, #1)Baby It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox

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5 Kisses

1/2 Pepper (M/F, oral sex)

Sloan McKinley's society mom is pushing her to find a husband, so when her best friend Grier needs her help in Alaska, it's a perfect excuse to escape. Grier's estranged father died and she was named as a beneficiary in his will, along with a half sister she had never met. Unfortunately, her half sister is a bitch and the residents of small town of Indigo, Alaska, are mostly siding with her and shunning Grier. Three of Indigo's matriarchs are planning an annual event that's designed to find wives for their three grandsons, none of whom want to participate. The event has drawn a lot of attention to their small town, and quite a few women travel all the way to Alaska to compete for the town’s eligible bachelors.

First there’s a competition for the women to show their “survival skills,” then there’s a bachelor auction where the ladies can bid on the man who has caught their eye. Sloan arrived well before the event, and has had time to get to know Walker Montgomery, one of the matriarch’s grandsons. Walker is a confirmed bachelor, and has no intention of settling down. His family history has taught him that there really is no such thing as happily ever after. But maybe it’s about time he learns what love really is.

I loved Baby It’s Cold Outside and could hardly put it down. Addison Fox is clearly a very talented author, because this flowed perfectly and was a pleasure to read. The character development was excellent, and I really liked how all the characters interacted with each other. I have to say, I especially like a book that has more than one love story line, and this book delivers. I’ll definitely be wishlisting the rest of the series.

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