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Cherished (Includes: Delicious, #1)Cherished by Maya Banks
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5 Kisses
2 1/2 Peppers (M/M/F/M/M, M/F oral & anal sex, multiple partners, double penetration, 4-on-1, D/s, light bondage, devastating hotness)

“Exiled” by Maya Banks

Prince Alexander Carrera has been waiting for Talia Montforte for four long years. Waiting for her to mature. To be ready for him. Their island country is in turmoil and he is in exile. In exchange for taking care of her mother so Talia could attend university in Paris, she has willingly agreed to spend six months with him. As he puts it, to belong to him. She’s a virgin and doesn’t fully understand his motivation for such an arrangement, so she feels some trepidation even while she acknowledges a strong attraction to him. Then she is told she’ll not only be pleasuring him but his three guards and most trusted and loyal friends as well. It’s more than a little intimidating to say the least, but they make every effort to help her feel comfortable, and promise that her pleasure is of the utmost importance. But what will happen to their arrangement when their country is ready for its rightful ruler to return?

The main thing keeping this exceptional story from being too perfect is how Xander bungles a few things, but even that just shows he's human so I can’t really find fault with it. The conflict may be resolved a little too easily for some readers, but I usually prefer that my angst be kept to a minimum, so I’m just fine with it. This is a definite panty-melter for anyone who has fantasized about being pleasured by more than one man. I found myself wishing this had been expanded into a full-length book. Be prepared for a delicious one-handed read that has as much tender emotion as it has pulse-pounding sex. The personalities of the four men are distinct, but when you add them all together they really create a perfect lover and companion.

“Sway” by Lauren Dane

Levi Warner is taking dance lessons for his brother's wedding when he encounters Daisy Huerta, part-time dance instructor and up-and-coming artist. He's an older man and something about him really catches her attention and turns her on. He's also a dominant lover, and she discovers that being submissive in the bedroom turns her on, too. Not only do they have their age difference to deal with, but they also come from different worlds and it causes them some conflict and angst. Fortunately they're both wonderful people, and it's very satisfying to see them work past their issues so they can be together. A lot of really fantastic characters are introduced in this story, and it looks like the beginning of a must-read series from this outstanding author.

Anyone who's a fan of either author will love this anthology, and if you're a fan of both like I am, you're in for a real treat. Erotic romance readers will not want to miss Cherished.

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