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In the Company of Witches (Arcane Shot, #2)In the Company of Witches by Joey W. Hill
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5 Kisses
2 Peppers, M/F BDSM (more implied than explicit)

We first met Raina in the first book of the series; she's one of Ruby's closest friends. Raina has turned an old southern plantation into a modern day bordello, and her employees are succubi and incubi. Raina herself is half sex demon. She's able to control the powers of her employees so they're able to feed from the sexual energy of their clients without killing them, so the business is pretty successful. It also means she's got some very loyal employees.

A rogue incubus shows up on her doorstep, being chased by a Dark Guardian. And wouldn't you know it, that pursuer is none other than Mikhael Roman, Ruby's former booty-call squeeze, a coldhearted bastard who has a taste for rough sex. He's intrigued by what he sees beneath Raina's surface, and she can't resist the opportunity he presents, because with him she doesn't have to hold back when they have sex, for fear of killing him. And the fact that he's very sexually dominant adds yet another layer to his irresistibility. But that rogue incubus is being hunted by a demon far more ruthless than Mikhael, and now Raina's heart isn't the only thing in grave danger.

It takes a deft hand to make a hero out of a villainous character from a previous book, and Joey W. Hill apparently has the right brand of genius to do it. Raina and Mikhael are amazing together. They're well matched, strong, and uncompromising. Neither has ever been in a real relationship, and they're surprised by what they're feeling. Raina has found someone she can trust for the first time in her life, even while she's sure it's temporary. Be ready for intense emotions, a new view of the balance between light and dark, really great supporting characters, vivid details, a fast pace, less violence than what was in book one of the series despite the darker hero, scorching hot sex, and one of the most surprising heroes you may ever read. Yeah, In The Company of Witches is all that and more.

I would recommend reading this series in order so you can get a true appreciation for just how amazing Mikhael is as a hero.

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