Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spellbound Falls (Spellbound Falls #1)Spellbound Falls by Janet Chapman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews. 4 Kisses, 1/2 pepper (very mild love scenes)

The first thing I noticed about Spellbound Falls is that it has a tasteful cover you can read in public without blushing. For my personal reading preferences, sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not. This time it was a winner.

Olivia Baldwin, who operates a summer camp along with the parents of her late husband in Spellbound Falls, Maine, seems to attract the attention of men who are either too old or too young for her, and they don’t always take no for an answer. But then Mac arrives on the scene and rescues her from a dangerous situation. My first impression of Maximilian Oceanus is that he's a self-assured and take-charge kind of guy. But he's facing a challenge that tests his confidence: he's learning to be a father to his six-year-old son, Henry, a child he didn't even know existed until recently. So he made arrangements to arrive early at Camp Inglenook and to stay all summer, because the camp has programs to help parents and children connect.

The chemistry between Mac and Olivia sizzles. He's calm and patient, and they're very good together. Then odd things start happening that make Olivia wonder not only what’s going on, but also how she’s going to be able to protect her heart when Mac leaves at the end of the summer.

Janet Chapman has written a pleasantly family-oriented book and there are some nice surprises waiting for you near the end of the book. It’s heartwarming, and has more than a touch of paranormal, which is revealed little by little as the story progresses rather than giving it all to the reader up front. For supporting characters, Olivia and Mac’s children, Sophie and Henry, are fun characters who add a lot of depth to the story, and I hope we'll hear more about Mac's sister, Carolina, in future books. I think this was a good start to a new series by this popular author.

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