Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bride by Mistake (Devil Riders, #5)Bride by Mistake by Anne Gracie
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5 Kisses, 1/2 Pepper (M/F sensuality)

Eight years ago, while fighting in the war, Luke Ripton married a thirteen-year-old daughter of Spanish aristocrats to protect the girl from an unwanted marriage to her ruthless cousin. After the war, Luke applied for an annulment but he was refused, so now he needs to travel back to Spain to get her. He has to return to a place that holds such terrible memories that he hoped he'd never have to set foot there again.

Isabella has dreamed of the day her handsome prince will finally come for her. It's been so long that she would think he was nothing but a dream if not for the marriage papers in Mother Superior's desk. That time has finally come, and she can show the other girls her husband is real and not just her imagination. Then they reunite and it's obvious he has changed quite a bit since she last saw him. He’s not the carefree young man she remembers at all.

Most of Bride By Mistake is set in Spain as they journey back to England from the convent where Bella has spent the past eight years, so the setting is particularly interesting for readers who typically read a lot of historical romance set in England.

Time and again I've enjoyed Anne Gracie's skill in combining deep emotions and likeable characters in hard-to-put-down romances. The story moves along at a perfect pace, and the tension between Bella and Luke is just right. Fans of well-written historical romance will want to be sure and read this book as well as the whole series.

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