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Haunted WarriorHaunted Warrior by Allie Mackay
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3 1/2 Kisses, 1/2 Pepper (M/F, oral sex)

American Kendra Chase is walking along a beach in Scotland when she sees him, kilt and hair flying in the wind, looking like a wickedly sexy alpha male. But in an instant, he's gone. Then he's back, but the kilt is gone & he's in jeans. What? She might be more surprised, but in her profession she's seen some unusual things. She's a professional Ghostcatcher on assignment. Her dark stranger, Graeme MacGrath, tries to persuade her not to stay in the coastal village of Pennard. An organization called Scotland's Past is trying to renovate the village to restore it to its historical past, and the work is not only upsetting the residents, but it's also stirring up the spirits in the area.

For centuries, Graeme's family has been keeping Pennard safe as Guardians of the Shadow Wand, an instrument of evil that can't be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. What’s interesting is just how long Graeme has been guarding Pennard and the Shadow Wand.
I think Kendra may be confusing lust and attraction for love. She and Graeme really don't know each other well enough when she starts thinking she's falling in love with him. She thinks about her infatuation with him so much that at times it detracts from the story. We don't get much from Graeme’s point of view, so even though we know he's somewhat attracted to her, we can only assume he's not really as obsessed with her as she is with him. And really, while we're given a lot of reasons Graeme is attractive inside and out, we don't have that information about Kendra. She seems kind of bland.

In the end, I fell in love with the quaint fishing village of Pennard and Graeme was an attractive character, but I wasn't as moved by Kendra or the romance between them. The pace of Haunted Warrior by Allie Mackay didn't feel like it picked up until near the end. The story was interesting but somehow didn’t fully hold my interest. Also, there really isn't much sexual tension, and Kendra and Graeme don't get physical until near the end of the book so it lacked that feeling of delicious anticipation.

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