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More Than a Stranger (Sealed With a Kiss, #1)More Than a Stranger by Erin Knightley
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4 1/2 Kisses, 0 Peppers M/F sweet romance)

At the age of eleven, Lady Evelyn Moore begins corresponding with her older brother's school friend, Benedict Hastings. Initially her letters are fired by jealousy that her beloved brother has made a friend, and she feels forgotten and replaced. Then he writes back and she starts to really enjoy his biting wit. Despite the fact that they've never met in person, over the next five years they develop a close friendship. Then it comes time for him to graduate and move on with his life, and he knows he has to break off his friendship with his dear friend Evie. He doesn't want to, but he knows it's for the best. He needs to make a clean start.

They meet years later, but Benedict doesn't want her to know who he is because she has every reason to hate him for ending their friendship like he did so he gives a false name. Unfortunately, his life is in a big tangle and he isn't in any position to be in a relationship. So he tries to fight the feelings that quickly resurface for his old friend, the only person who ever wrote to him when he was in school.

Evie has been trying to convince her parents to excuse her from husband hunting. She would rather live quietly in the country and run her family’s stables than deal with the dull and haughty members of the ton. Then Benedict comes along and makes her feel things she would rather avoid. She learned years ago not to trust love, but she is undeniably drawn to this man she thinks she has only known for days.

The prologue for More Than a Stranger immediately grabbed my interest and made it difficult to put down. I know this was going to be a remarkable book. I was especially captivated and amused by the quoted letters that they sent back and forth to each other. I'll admit I like my books to have more explicit heat than this, but really, the quality of the story made up for it. The emotional link between Evie and Benedict absolutely shines. Fans of exceptionally well-written historical romance won't want to miss this exciting debut from Erin Knightly.

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