Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Melt Into You (Loving On The Edge, #2)Melt Into You by Roni Loren
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5 Kisses, Recommended Read
2 Peppers - M/F, M/F/M, M/M BDSM, oral sex, anal sex

Twelve years ago while she was still in high school, Evangeline Kennedy lived with nineteen-year-old Jace Austin and his parents. Jace was powerfully attracted to her, and tried unsuccessfully to resist his feelings. It ended up being a mistake for both of them and she ran away and basically disappeared.

Years later, Evan is engaged to a gay celebrity when Jace saves her from nearly drowning. When recognition finally dawns on both of them, the old feelings of guilt and hurt come rushing back to them. Then her fiancé gives her a three-month membership to The Ranch, an exclusive sex retreat center. She's been celibate for over a year because she doesn't want to be with the kind of guy who would mess around with an engaged woman, but she can't trust anyone with the truth about her relationship with her gay fiancé because it would blow his cover as a relationship expert.

Coincidentally, when she visits The Ranch for the first time, Jace and his best friend Andre are there, and Jace is hoping to work off the surge of lust he's had since running into Evan. His dominant side is news to her; when they were younger he kept everything lighthearted. She's reluctant to choose him as her partner for the weekend, but he promises to keep the past in the past and keep things strictly sexual. When Jace tells her that no fantasy is off limits at The Ranch, she reveals her hidden desire to submit to two Doms. It feels so perfect to be with them, but it can only last for the weekend and then she'll go back to her life with Daniel. Not because it fulfills her needs, but because she made a promise.

This is one of the best and most delectable books I've read in quite a while. If you want a scorching-hot, one-handed read that's guaranteed to raise your body temperature so high that your bones will melt, this is it. Melt Into You is a perfect mix of hot sex and genuine emotions. I love this series and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book from Roni Loren. Erotic contemporary romance fans should put this one on their must-read list.

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