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Practically WickedPractically Wicked by Alissa Johnson
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4 1/2 Kisses, ) peppers (M/F sweet romance)

When Viscount Maximilian Dane first meets Miss Anna Rees, he's drunk and just inherited his title. He's not pleased to have inherited the responsibility. Despite his stupor, he manages to see the allure of Anna, which is contrary to her reputation of being a spoiled Ice Queen. For her part, Anna is sure she is simultaneously the most notorious and the most boring spinster in the world. He promises to call on her the following week, but it doesn't happen. She's disappointed, but moves on. They run into each other four years later when she goes to meet her half brother, who happens to be Max's close friend. She thinks he blew her off, but he actually did try to see her and was turned away by her controlling and manipulative mother. He is unaware of her mother's interference and thinks Anna refused to see him.

I really love Anna and Max together; they have great chemistry and communication. The early misunderstanding that kept them apart isn't dragged out too much, and that scores big points with me as a reader. I prefer characters who communicate with each other and find their conflict elsewhere.

Anna was an extremely sheltered character, almost to the point that I would consider it abuse. She rarely left her mother's bawdy house, so her scope of experiences is very limited. She's a charming blend of innocence and intelligence, which makes for a very likeable heroine.

Once again I was enchanted by an extremely well-written story and didn't really miss the lack of heat. The story moved at a comfortable pace and kept me interested from the very first page. Alissa Johnson is an author to follow and I can recommend Practically Wicked to readers who enjoy a good, not-racy historical romance.

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